Young people how to prevent diabetes?

According to statistics, now a lot of 20-30 year-olds young man suffering from diabetes is not surprising, effective prevention is imperative. The following methods of among young people:

1, Mix of the dietary is very important in their daily lives, at home, be sure to choose the most nutritious mix, if the outside to eat a meal, to select some fresh food, and less oil cooking green hotel. Try not to drink soft drinks and desserts.

2, Choose organic foods, eat less processed foods. Eating 3 to 5 different vegetables every day. Focus on high-fiber, low in saturated fat, low refined carbohydrates and whole grains.

3, Regularly go to a regular hospital for examination, is an important means for early detection of diabetes in the youth population. Blood sugar testing, check fasting blood glucose, but also simultaneous detection of two hours postprandial blood glucose and associated metabolic abnormalities early intervention to prevent children and adolescents diabetes, development.

4, Proper exercise can be effective in preventing type 2 diabetes and control of type 1 diabetes; can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin secretion, increase blood circulation and supply of insulin to muscle tissue.

5, Parents can usually refer to children (aged 7 to 14) the standard weight method to determine the child is overweight. Once parents found that overweight children is necessary to pay sufficient attention to. To encourage scientific exercise to avoid childhood obesity and can help the prevention of type II diabetes in children and adolescents. For children, adolescents, parents and relatives and supervision, supervision and encouragement are particularly important.

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Article: Young people how to prevent diabetes?

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