Wrinkle Tips living longer and younger

Adverse work schedules, unhealthy diet, coupled with a variety of skin care aspects fall into the trap, so that the skin all day long in these dangerous, then let the wrinkles better the farther away from us exactly how to do it?

1, Apply after cleansing every time moisturizer, and to adhere to do a moisturizing care each week, you can use olive oil, add some honey and egg white versus painted face, the effect is good.

2, Using rice regiment gently rub the face, after a few minutes you will find black rice regiment, because grease and dirt inside the pores have sticky rice in a regiment above, this can make pores become more smooth and reduce wrinkles occur.

3, Every day a little beer, beer contains tannic acid and bitter elements can stimulate the appetite, help digestion. And its interior contains a lot of vitamin B, which can enhance the body system so that the nutrients are absorbed more fully, but the main do not overdose!

4, Usually when nothing, chewing gum, so that the surface to do unsufficient the exercise, so can be a good anti-wrinkle!

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Article: Wrinkle Tips living longer and younger

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