Women need whitening, eat these foods

Woman to get their skin white and tender, be sure to eat these fruits and vegetables.

Kiwi, Kiwi content of every one hundred grams of flesh up to one hundred milligrams of vitamin C or more, is 5-10 times of citrus, times hailed as the king of fruits.

Cherry, red cherry is not only rich in vitamin C content, but also contain more iron, whitening while blood and kidney.

Lemon, lemon slices soaked in water to drink can promote metabolism, anti-aging, soften skin, in addition to flood damage, it can also clean the face, pat the face drops lemon juice on a cotton pad, skin whitening.

Strawberries, strawberry also polyphenols, can inhibit the production of melanin, as well as to the role of the oil cleansing.

Watermelon, refreshing summer fruit best in the case of watermelon, watermelon contains amino acids promote the physiological activity of the skin, and moisturizing.

Peaches, sweet and delicious peach, there are not only delicious moisturizing, clears pores in the dirt to prevent pigmentation.

Vegetables, melon, melon can be not only white, but also lose weight.

Tomatoes, tomato is the best sunscreen food, it contains lycopene, can be a good antioxidant, reduce UV damage to the skin.

Carrots, carrots are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants can prevent acne and dry skin, slows cell aging process.

Cucumber, cucumber food has always been a traditional beauty, cucumber contains vitamins and gourds, shown to clean and whiten skin, usually do cucumber mask replenishment whitening.

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Article: Women need whitening, eat these foods

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