Women how to grow taller and more effective

Women and men caused by physiological structure are very different, but also because of this reason, more women than men need adequate nutrition. And relatively speaking, women than men closed epiphyseal line is shorter, so it is more prone to short stature situation. Women increased focus is to grasp the best period, from exercise, nutrition, sleep and other factors to adjust.

First, to ensure adequate sleep
Sleep also makes the body “nutrient.” As the saying goes: people sleep longer. Since sleep can not only fatigue, but also in the human body after sleep, growth hormone secretion exuberant than usual, and a longer duration, help . Therefore, to develop regular habits, to ensure adequate sleep.

Second, participate in physical exercise
Tall and often participate in appropriate physical exercise brain, can promote blood circulation, protect the skeletal muscle and brain cells receive adequate nutrition, promote thicker bones, bone density thickening, compressive and flexural capacity strengthening. Exercise can stimulate growth hormone secretion, bone, muscle, brain development better. Therefore, we should take part in more suitable to grow taller and brain activity, such as skipping, shuttlecock kicking, Tiaopi Jin, artistic gymnastics and various sports activities.

Third, the supply of vitamins and Cellulose
Vitamins are life-sustaining elements, the most important are vitamins A, B, C, is essential for human growth and development. Animal liver, kidney, eggs, especially vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, fiber and minerals, you should eat some fresh vegetables.

Fourth, complement proteins
Proteins are the basis of life, bone and muscle cell proliferation, organ development are inseparable from the protein. Human growth and development faster, the more need to add protein, fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, peanuts, soy products are rich in quality protein, you should pay attention more to add.

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Article: Women how to grow taller and more effective

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