Women anti-aging foods in autumn

What foods to eat to for women ? The following recommended these foods, not only suitable for human consumption in the early fall season, and has effect, regular consumption can play a great help to anti aging.

1, Women Anti-Aging: Broccoli
Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, carrots, etc., can enhance the ability of the skin against damage, as well as to maintain skin elasticity.

2, Woman anti-aging : Honey
Honey is rich in easily absorbed vitamins, amino acids and sugars, is an excellent skin care food.

3, Woman anti-aging : Kelp
Kelp contains large amounts of minerals, can play a role in regulating the blood pH, prevents the skin strong secretion of grease.

4, Woman anti-aging : Apple
Apple is a public health fruits, apples are rich in cellulose, can add enough fiber for human body, can reduce cardiac morbidity, and weight loss. Many people will eat the apple as a food to lose weight.

5, Women Anti-Aging: Fish
Especially the deep-sea fish contain omega-3 fatty acids can remove the skin collagen and skin moisturizing factor of biologically active substances, can play a role in preventing wrinkles, is woman in one anti-aging food.

6, Women anti-aging: tomatoes
Tomatoes help UV Whitening, and it also helps flatten the new wrinkles, smooth skin, effectively prevent dark circles.

7, Women Anti-Aging: soybean
Soybean is good food, soybean is rich in vitamin E, able to fight skin aging, prevent pigmentation, soy also contains lecithin, also can play the role of anti-aging.

8, Women Anti-Aging: carrot
Carrots also known as small ginseng, rich in vitamin a, vitamin c and carotene, can enhance the ability of anti-aging skin, can maintain the skin’s elasticity.

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Article: Women anti-aging foods in autumn

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