Woman delay aging methods – How to delay aging ways

Studies have shown that the body’s aging because stem cell function decline, decreased immunity, tissues and organs function degradation, anti-aging gene recession. Woman are mainly the following five areas:

First, eat fruit

As we all know, the aging human body is the most fundamental reason for excessive free radicals accelerate aging. For a female friend, in the Nissan life should eat more fruits, because the fruit is rich in vitamin c, can contain and remove the body of excess free radicals, thus helping protect human cells, delaying the physical effects of aging. Fruit containing vitamin c rich have oranges, kiwi, apples.

Second, more exercise

More exercise is one important way to delay aging women, because regular exercise can promote the body’s metabolism, toxins can rapidly excreted, and then play a whitening effect. Modern living standards continue to improve, you can create the perfect female body in the gym, in order to always healthy young recommended 10 minutes of exercise a day, so not only can improve the quality of the body, can also beauty, anti-aging.

Third, to ensure adequate sleep

Ensure adequate sleep is extremely important for delay aging effects, especially white-collar women. Because long-term stay up late can damage the body’s liver function, if impaired liver function affects the blood circulation, so there will be spots, wrinkles and other phenomena. Therefore, for the beauty of women into the habit should ensure 8 hours of sleep every day, so not only can play the role of aging, but also helps to enhance the body’s functions.

Fourth, to ensure adequate water

Ensure adequate water body is the key to anti-aging, if less water every day, it will result in a reduction of moisture within the skin cells, resulting in skin wrinkles, spots and other symptoms. So in life should be every 1-2 hours to drink 236 milliliters of water, which is about half a catty.

Five, taking the anti-aging health products

Anti-aging health products are mainly collagen, vitamin c, Placenta, etc. Wherein the active collagen of the skin permeability, and can be combined through the stratum corneum and the skin epithelial cells involved in the metabolism of skin cells, and improve the skin to strengthen the activity of the collagen, and maintain the integrity of the fibrous structure of the stratum corneum water, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote skin metabolism, increase blood circulation, delay aging purposes.

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Article: Woman delay aging methods – How to delay aging ways


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