Winter five kinds of food to help the baby to enhance physical fitness

General infant stage baby is most vulnerable to cold, mainly because the child of poor health, low immunity or malnutrition caused. Then the face of weak constitution baby, what dietotherapy approach?

1. Quail eggs

For malnutrition, susceptibility to colds baby food. Quail eggs contain high quality protein and phosphorus, calcium, iron, rutin, rutin, etc., with replenishing qi and blood, physical brain and so on.

2. Black carp

For spleen and stomach, sickly baby. Black fish meat contain nucleic acid and zinc and other trace elements, can enhance physical fitness, as well as the effectiveness of the spleen and stomach.

3. Yellow, green vegetables

Vegetable cellulose can prevent constipation, maintain intestinal patency make, so as to provide a good environment to absorb. If your baby not likes to eat vegetables, vegetables can be crumbled, made together with the meat balls, dumplings or ravioli, so it is easy to accept the baby.

4. Soy products

For indigestion, colds, poor nutrition baby food. Soy products and soy are rich in protein, iron, carotene, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, etc., there is tonic remove heat, fluid moistening, detoxification effect.

5. Fungus and mushrooms food

Mushroom food polysaccharide components significant role in strengthening the immune system, can also improve cardiovascular function. Fungus contains 17 kinds of amino acids and rich in calcium, vitamin D and so on. Mushrooms and other mushrooms can prevent rickets and anemia.

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Article: Winter five kinds of food to help the baby to enhance physical fitness


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