Winter eat carrots can prevent diabetes

Carrots are our everyday common vegetables. Carrots contain a lot of vitamins and carotenoids inside. Experts on the 1665 volunteers ages 40-75 years of age were measured in blood sugar levels, the results showed that the highest content of carotenoids in healthy human blood, and diabetes minimum. Experts in the study report, eat carrots and other vegetables rich in carotenoids in the diet in the prevention of diabetes great help.

Carrots contain nine kinds of amino acids, and dozens of enzymes, there are many essential minerals, including such as calcium, phosphorus is the main component of bone composition; copper and iron are essential for the synthesis of heme substances; fluorine can strengthen teeth corrosion ability; crude fiber in carrots can stimulate the stomach and intestines, good for digestion. Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine study found that carrot there antihypertensive, cardiac, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

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Article: Winter eat carrots can prevent diabetes


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