Winter dry skin moisturizing whitening tips

In winter, our skin is easy because the weather is cold and dry and the loss of moisture, moisture replenishment work this time becomes very important. 15 winter dry skin moisturizing tips:

1. Cold water replenishment better results than hot water, drink some every day, to help drain the water easily been maintained at an optimum level.

2. Bath or shower before a cup of cold water to prevent heat quickly evaporate moisture the skin.

3. Skincare ingredients contains vitamins, moisturizing effect will be more obvious. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, F and H are good.

4. Night is enhanced skin penetration time, get enough sleep, wake up the skin becomes water Lingling.

5. Fruits and vitamins can pay for deep moisturizing the skin, of course, can not be omitted. But sugar from high water will consume fruit, citrus, strawberries, grapes and other not-so-sweet fruit may wish to eat.

6. Over 12 go to bed, the moisture of the skin will be gasped out, so people are always staying up all loose dry skin problems.

7. Bedtime drink a small cup of red wine, blood circulation, significantly increase the skin’s absorption of moisturizing products.

8. Per 1 hour 5 minutes away from the computer, let the skin rest.

9, Should be gradually increased with moisturizing cream, essential oils, anti-wrinkle cream, come winter. “Tonic.”

10. 2-3 times a week, with a moisturizing mask to baby dry skin, especially in winter, water-type mask is indispensable.

11. And his wife love each other, into happiness hormones, all moisture from the internal organs.

12. Because of the young and falling into disrepair, leading to water shortages as early as the old situation occur frequently. In fact, people from infancy to start with baby oil, life is inseparable from the care of skin care products, skin care products contact adult should start from the age of 18 years.

13. Skin care products in the most safe and effective moisturizer hyaluronic acid, the climate, and vowed to skin replenishment.

14. Same day as the wash your face, wash away the dirt moist eye on the type of eye drops, so bright eyes more clear.

15. Monthly to the salon at least once a deep moisturizing care, although a little more expensive, but it can improve the skin’s fastest special dry conditions.

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Article: Winter dry skin moisturizing whitening tips


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