Why baby should not eat more sweet food – baby not to eat more sugar

Baby generally likes to eat sweet, but from a medical point of view, or eat less as well.

First, if too much carbohydrate is not consumed in the body, it will be converted into fat to be stored, causing the baby’s obesity to be the root cause of certain diseases in adulthood. Eating too much sugar will aggravate Metabolism islet burden, over time will cause the occurrence of diabetes; sweets can also consume the body of vitamins, saliva, digestive gland secretion decreased, while the stomach acid is increased, causing indigestion; if the amount of sugar consumption exceeds the total amount of food Of 16 %% – 18%, it will make the baby’s calcium metabolism disorder, a direct impact on the baby’s growth and development; eat sweets to your baby before meals, will inhibit the appetite center, causing the baby anorexia.

Second, sugar is converted from starch. Starch is processed into sugar in the process, vitamin B1 almost completely destroyed. Excessive sugar in the body into the body, the metabolic process of the intermediate product of pyruvate, because there is not enough vitamin B1 participation, will be present in large quantities in the blood, thereby stimulating the central nervous system and cardiovascular system, the most common Is the body tired, loss of appetite and so on.

Third, carbohydrates eat more easily decayed caries, because the oral cavity is a multi-bacterial environment, some bacteria can use sucrose synthesis of polysaccharides, polysaccharides and can form a highly viscous bacterial membrane, the bacterial membrane attached to the tooth surface Not easy to remove bacteria can be a large number of breeding and the formation of some organic acids and enzymes, especially Lactobacillus produce a large number of lactic acid, a direct role in the teeth, the teeth can decalcification, softening, enzymes can dissolve tooth tissue protein, The combined action of enzymes, the hardness and structure of the tooth is easily damaged, it is particularly prone to dental caries.

Fourth, excessive sugar, in addition to the above effects on the baby’s body, but also increase the amount of blood sugar in the baby’s body, and accordingly reduce the osmotic pressure of body fluids, the lens convex deformation, refraction, resulting in myopia. In addition, the sugar acidic, excessive consumption, can consume the body’s alkaline substances, especially calcium, chromium and other minerals, these are factors that contribute to myopia.

Therefore, in order for the baby to grow healthily, parents should educate the baby not to eat more sugar.


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Article: Why baby should not eat more sweet food – baby not to eat more sugar

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