Whitening tips!

to share, respectively, sunscreen, vitamin intake is essential to the skin, massage, charging for the skin, moisturizing, try to use essential oils to awaken the skin whitening King of Kings.

Methods / steps

Sun is the primary

Regardless of the weather overcast and sunny, we need to prevent ultraviolet UVB and UVA damage to the skin, which is to become your habits. To avoid strong sunshine, when you go out, apply sunscreen to prevent skin tanning, sunburn and photoaging powerful weapon. To remember that every two or three hours but also complement the paint is a complete set of sun protection program

Vitamin intake is essential to the skin

Vitamins A, C, E, and so on, not only able to regulate body functions and improve immunity, but also to improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation, whitening method not know. Usually eat foods rich in vitamin fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, not only make the skin become white, but also increase the vitality of the skin.

White to the full year

White homework need to start early, do not wait for the advent of the summer before taking any measures. Before the age of 25, the skin has a “reversible” even hyperpigmentation can take back to white after the age of 25, when skin is with the maintenance of whitening products can make the skin regains its original white.

Massage, skin charge

The microvascular dermal layer is divided into deep shallow two parts, deep blood vessels used to regulate body temperature, responsible for the supply of shallow vascular epidermal nutrition. Massage for the skin to provide oxygen to enhance its vitality has a magical effect, moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin blood supply, so fair-skinned and health.


Structure of the stratum corneum, uniform protective layer of water-soluble resin and tough membrane are the best natural skin barrier, regardless of which one link between them is a problem, our skin will be the loss of moisture, dry dull look. Week one to two moisturizing whitening mask to relieve dry skin, make the skin moist and white fastest way.

Try to awaken the skin with essential oils

Basil, lavender, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, rose essential oils can be used as delivery vectors whitening products transferred to the active ingredient than the inner layer of the epidermis, the skin glow angry whitening transparent.

The lemon – White King of Kings

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, called “whitening king. Lemons are citrus fruits, the the beauty value is very high. Lemon very obvious whitening effect, also a lot of whitening products often add ingredients, a lot of vitamin C can promote metabolism, whitening, pores, soften aging skin, make skin white and shiny.

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Article: Whitening tips!

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