Whitening Mask DIY-Carrot

Drinking carrot juice can be released from all the vitality in daily, use it to create mask, to prevent the precipitation of melanin, to reduce the face fleck.

1 carrot, 1 egg, 2 teaspoon honey

1. Carrots washed, peeled, grated READY.
2. Then add 2 teaspoon honey, egg yolk, transfer the mask into a paste.
3. Sufficient to mask the face, carefully avoiding eyes and mouth, after 10-15 minutes, washing the face with warm water.

Β-carotene contained in carrots can be antioxidant and skin whitening, but also to remove excess skin keratinocytes, and also have oily skin acne alleviate the effectiveness of sedation, egg and honey are the emollient moisturizing effect. In addition to β-carotene in addition, it also contains antioxidant vitamins can not be less E, the small annoying acne will alleviate the effects of moderate, be good to improve it!

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Article: Whitening Mask DIY-Carrot

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