White vinegar washing the face skin lightening

Washing the face with vinegar can increase the skin cells of water and nutrients, restore luster and elasticity of the skin, soften the cuticle, whitening, sterilization. White vinegar wash your face so many benefits, but can not be directly used white vinegar cleansing. Relatively strong because of the acidity of vinegar, may irritate the skin, causing great harm to the skin. Best reduce the concentration of white vinegar with warm water before use.

1, Washing the face with white vinegar benefits: whitening skin care

The specific method: Prepare a small basin of water, not too hot, it is best to warm water, then pour about two tablespoons of white vinegar tune are. Wash the face and hands, and then immersed adding white vinegar in warm water to washing the face and hands. After 5 minutes wash with water.

Effects: long-term to do so allows skin whitening, smooth and delicate.

For the crowd: skin roughness.

2, Wash with white vinegar benefits: Fine pores, relieve acne
Methods: the white vinegar and water according to the ratio of 1:3 with good, can be individually packed in a bottle of mineral water in.Every morning and evening after cleaning with the palm of the hand, gently put vinegar water film on the face, one need not use too much, feeling that the whole face is wet.

Efficacy: adhere to a week, had effect, skin is very delicate, blain blain scar has faded, the skin out of oil, the pores are also reduced.

Suitable for the crowd: oily skin, acne.

3, Wash with white vinegar benefits: whitening

Methods: the white vinegar and glycerin by 2:1 mix, after cleansing, commonly used on skin, day 2-3 times

Efficacy: can make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition, a month after the soft white skin that is delicate, clean, smooth and elastic, full of beauty.

For the crowd: applicable to thick black skin.

4, Wash with white vinegar benefits: get rid of spots fade spots

Methods: use white vinegar ramming into AMK amount of harmonic, soak for a week.After washing face every day, rub facial spots where.

Efficacy: adhere to gradually eliminate freckles, retired.

For the crowd: facial spots of people

5, use white vinegar to wash face advantage: reduce wrinkles

Methods: the evening after cleansing, take 1 tablespoons of white vinegar, 3 tbsp water mixed, with cotton balls dipped in full, wrinkles place gently rubbed with fingers, gently massage, then wash it.

Efficacy: can help eliminate facial fine wrinkles

For the crowd: facial wrinkles.

6, wash with white vinegar benefits: the elimination of fatigue

The specific method is: when bathing in lukewarm water, add 5 to six drops of vinegar.

Efficacy: the elimination of fatigue, also can make the face ruddy.

For the crowd: long-term working late.

7, wash with white vinegar: benefits of treating blackheads

Methods: the white vinegar and glycerin by 5:2 proportion, applied to the affected area of skin, insist to use period of time.

Efficacy: insist on using, acne and blackhead will become weak gradually disappear, skin is smooth.

For the crowd: face a small amount of acne.

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Article: White vinegar washing the face skin lightening

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