Which vegetables can eat for Diabetes

is very important in the diet, only to do the right diet in other areas in order to achieve the desired effect, the vegetables everyone can not live without, then, diabetes can eat what vegetables, the following is recommended for everyone

People with diabetes can eat carrots, leeks, bitter gourd: carrots contain a large number of β-carotene, can clear the body of free radicals, the spring eat more leeks can enhance human spleen and stomach, bitter melon melon contained saponins, is not only similar to insulin the role, but also stimulate the release of insulin, a very significant hypoglycemic effect.

Cooking these vegetables, try to keep the original nutrients, low oil low salt, put less spices, give full play to its hypoglycemic effect.

Special effects can also edible black fungus, yam, onion, garlic to lower blood sugar. Black fungus, anti-platelet aggregation, reduce blood clotting effect, to prevent thrombosis, yams help control atherosclerosis. They can enhance the body resistance. The onion garlic have lower blood sugar, eat more conducive to dilate blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, is very beneficial for the prevention of diabetes complications. Need for patients to note, the onion garlic belongs to spicy food should not eat, it is best not eaten raw. 

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Article: Which vegetables can eat for Diabetes

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