Which sports to choose Women lose weight ?

For female compatriots, the weight loss is the cause of a woman’s life, many women in order to , diet, medication, and in fact, these are not the right , the body of a female friend hazards great impact, easy to gastrointestinal disorders, sufferinganorexia, while the body no nutrition, more and more weak.That do the fastest?

1, skating
Skating is not only able to exercise coordination capacity of the human body, and let your strong leg muscles more flexible, but also helps improve your lung capacity. Try skating for all ages need a sportswear and skates, practice one hour can consume 420 calories.

2, bike
Bike, we all too familiar, however, these days, do not necessarily have a four-wheel car in every household, but there must be a two-wheeled bike. It is a very easy to adhere to the sports, not only to exercise the leg joint, thigh muscles, foot and ankle, but also to promote the body’s blood circulation system, suitable for everyone try only need an ordinary bike can practice one hour can consume 240 calories.
3, jogging or walking
Jogging or walking can contribute to heart and blood circulation, every day for more than 30 minutes, very helpful for weight loss if the walk-run combination, the effect will be better. This movement is suitable for anyone, only need a set of sportswear and a pair of running shoes, jogging one hour can consume 420 calories, walk for an hour can consume 240 calories

4, Golf
Golf has been considered a gentleman’s sport, the sport is walking close together, in the process of playing, you need to take a lot of the way, and swing action helps the body stretch, while it makes your mood for the better. For 8 years old -80 years old people, especially those with the patience and ingenuity, but the sport needs sports apparel, golf balls, gloves and a bat. Practice one hour can consume 270 calories.

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Article: Which sports to choose Women lose weight ?

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