Which foods has the role of radiation protection – anti radiation foods

With varying degrees of radiation in the high-speed development of modern civilization, the number of mobile phones, computers, TV, air conditioning and other electrical equipment everywhere, each of us live in the electrical radiation which studies have shown that the radiation on the human body has a different degree of damage, while in our liveshas the effect of in food, let us take a look at what foods have what the role of :

12 kinds of food can radiation protection

1, Black sesame seeds – to increase cellular immunity and resistance to radiation:
Various radiation hazards mainly affect the human brain and bone marrow, and people with compromised immune systems. Eat kidney food can enhance the cellular immunity, humoral immune function, effective protection of human health.

2, Tomatoes – reduce radiation damage skin and whitening
Scientific survey found that long-term regular consumption of tomatoes and tomato products, less radiation damage caused by radiation and lower mortality. The experiments show that the radiation skin, 31% -46% reduction in lycopene content and other ingredients almost unchanged. Lycopene by quenching penetrated the body of free radicals in the skin surface to form a natural barrier, effectively prevent outsiders ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin. And to promote the combination of the blood of collagen and elastic protein, the skin full of elasticity, charming and moving. Is particularly worth mentioning is that the lycopene lightening, tattoo removal efficacy.

3, Seaweed – anti-radiation San goods
Seaweed resistant to radiation, anti-mutagenic, antioxidant, its containing selenium. Selenium is an important trace elements, can enhance immune function, and the protection of human health. Eat selenium-rich seaweed, can improve the ability of the body against radiation.

4, Pepper – to protect the DNA of cells from radiation damage
Chili category is a commonly used spices spicy food, but also to withstand the radiation of natural food. Eat hot peppers not only to mobilize the systemic immune system, hot pepper, black pepper, curry, ginger such spice, but also to protect cell DNA from radiation damage. Therefore, often spicy food and good health.

5, Kelp – has anti-radiation effect
Recent study found that seaweed extract seaweed polysaccharides inhibit apoptosis of immune cells with anti-radiation effect.

6, Garlic – reduce radiation damage
Garlic is an indispensable condiment in cooking. containing selenium more garlic and antioxidant effects of garlic better than ginseng. Therefore, the moderate eating garlic helps to reduce radiation damage.

7, Mung beans – helps the body excrete poisons
Modern medical research has proven, mung beans contain help the body excrete toxins, accelerate the metabolism of substances can effectively resist all kinds of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution.

8, Black fungus – pure stomach, polyester intestinal, radiation protection
Black fungus in the glial adsorption dust residues in the human digestive system of impurities and radioactive substances excreted together, and thus play a pure stomach polyester intestine, the role of radiation protection.

9, Green tea
The polyphenols in green tea is an anti-radiation material, reduce the various adverse effects of radiation on the human body. Tea also contains LPS, can improve the body’s hematopoietic function, elevated platelet and white blood cells.

10, Orange
Orange contains high levels of vitamin A and carotene, the protection of pregnant women in the workplace, especially frequent contact with pregnant women in the computer.

11, Strawberries
50 to 100 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of strawberries contain more than 10 times higher than apples, grapes and other fruits. Strawberry also contains large amounts of vitamin E and polyphenolic antioxidants, these nutrients can withstand radiation.

12, Kiwi
Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamins can reduce computer radiation-induced oxidation minimize the damage to the skin.

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Article: Which foods has the role of radiation protection – anti radiation foods

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