What ways to treat diabetes?

Life in our side of the disease is particularly much, diabetes is one of the diseases, bring great harm to patients,need to cause our attention, we must pay attention to it in life, please let us know about the disease treatment have what, the hope can bring the help to you:

1, not sweet: low sugar and low glycemic index diet. Do not eat sugar, brown sugar, pure sugar — sugar, malt sugar, syrup, honey, glucose and its products, dried glucose fresh preserved fruit high index of sweets. All of thesemonosaccharides, disaccharides, food will cause the blood sugar in patients with diabetes increased rapidly. In addition, there are goods is not too sweet but often can cause the postprandial blood glucose increased significantly in the food, such as potatoes, especially fried potatoes, taro, sweet potato, sweet potatoes, potato,lotus root, these soil edible tuber food should be paid attention to, but the onion exception.

2, not salty: low salt diet. Cooking should be less salt, general 1 days less than 6 grams, do not eat pickled food.Too salty to eat not only can cause the increase of blood volume due to increased blood pressure, increased kidney, fundus and heart burden, cause or aggravate vascular complications, but also can activate and promoteintestinal glucose decomposition enzyme activity, make sugar absorption speed, resulting in the rise in blood sugarafter meal.

3, not greasy: namely a low-fat diet, less oil and grease. Do not eat greasy food, especially animal fats and oilscontaining more food, such as fried food, animal grease prepared food, because these foods contain a lot ofsaturated fatty acid, it can make the blood lipids, blood viscosity and you rise, cause or aggravate arteriosclerosis;and because the fat of heat generated by more than 1 times of sugar, protein, it can directly cause obesity, two was produced and worsen insulin resistance, indirectly affect blood sugar.

4, not spicy: try not to eat spicy spicy food. Such as spicy chili, pepper, mustard, pepper and so on, these foodscan cause diabetes friends more than a few of the symptoms, and can help the hot fire, which violates the pathogenesis of motherland medicine about diabetes dryness heat due to deficiency of Yin of governance,adverse to the rehabilitation of diabetes.

5, do not smoke: smoking, this is absolute. It can damage your blood vessels, increase or cause insulin resistance,hazard function and the ability of neural system, immunity and reduce effects of respiratory function.

6, do not drink: try not to drink, alcohol is relative. In general, diabetes is not suitable for drinking friends,especially the excessive drinking. This is because, all the wine contains a certain amount of alcohol, the alcohol in the body by the liver detoxification. Diabetes friends because of disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism, not as normal as in the liver storage of glucose, so liver detoxification capacity of poor. Diabetes itself can cause diabetic liver disease, alcohol will aggravate the liver lesions.

The above content is relevant knowledge about diabetes treatment is introduced, in life we must know a lot of knowledge, the hope can bring the help to you, in the life we must be circumspect coping, the right to face the disease, usually we need to do a good job of prevention, to reduce the occurrence of the disease.

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Article: What ways to treat diabetes?


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