What vegetables to eat to prevent cancer ?

1. Some trace elements can prevent cancer. Have more containing molybdenum foods: radishes, cabbage, lentils, bean sprouts; more containing selenium foods: pumpkin, Candied Sweet Potato; have more containing germanium foods asparagus.

2. Eat high containing vitamin C vegetables and fruits can be blocked by nitrosamines and nitrite amide production and anti-cancer.

3. Some vegetables contain lignin, can promote macrophage engulf cancer cell activities, such as asparagus, shepherd’s purse, taro, lotus root, water chestnuts, carrots.

4. Eating high calcium foods can prevent cancer, such as fish, beans, chlorophyll, and sesame.

5. Increase the ability of : carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, red sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables

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Article: What vegetables to eat to prevent cancer ?

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