What vegetables to eat for Hepatitis B HBeAg

For hepatitis B HBeAg patients, in addition to treatment,dietotherapy regimen is also needed attention, eat more fresh vegetables not only add to the body’s demand for vitamins, and prevention and treatment of liver disease is also useful.

1. Spinach: The rich in chlorophyll, regular consumption helps to maintain body acid-base balance, relieve stress, regulate the liver and gallbladder and other effects, and to a large extent also play an anti-cancer effect, eat more green vegetables, spinach, for Hepatitis B HBeAg disease is helpful.

2. Carrot: its rich vitamin A, with detoxification, stomach and digestion and so on, but can also play an indirect effect of preventing liver cancer, the daily diet foods are rich in vitamin A: convolvulus, garlic, milk and so on.

3. Mushrooms: More types of the daily diet, such as mushrooms, Flammulina, etc., which contain more carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, inorganic salts, cellulose, selenium and other elements, immune regulation, anti-cancer, anti-tumor are is very useful, so eat more mushrooms may be better care of your liver.

4. Fungus: it belongs to natural fungal foods which contain proteins, polysaccharides, contribute to stomach and blood, nourishing the liver; it contains sulfur, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, selenium and other trace elements, for the liver is a great benefit, especially those containing trace elements – selenium, can enhance anti-tumor, anti-cancer effects; so black and white fungus is a good diet choice in patients with hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B HBeAg also suitable to eat vegetables: celery, tomato, shepherd’s purse, cabbage, seaweed, etc., have selective eating, the liver is also a good protection.

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Article: What vegetables to eat for Hepatitis B HBeAg

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