What to eat to cure high blood pressure – Five kinds of vegetables adjuvant treatment of hypertension

In daily life, high blood pressure is a common disease. In addition to the usual day to adhere to medication, but also in patients with hypertension through diet to aid in the . Diet for the has a very important role, if well controlled, high blood pressure patients need not worry because they will be affected by this disease and hospitalization. What foods do wonders for the adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure?

1, Celery

Celery is rich in protein, carotene and vitamins, amino acids and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. High nutritional value, great medicinal value, with a blood pressure lowering effect.

Treatment Methods: 250 grams of celery, smashed juice, 20-30 ml per oral twice daily.

2, Water chestnuts

Chestnuts contain starch, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins. Water chestnuts, crisp and delicious, not just raw and cooked fried food, but also the treatment of hypertension good fruit.

Treatment Methods: water chestnuts, jellyfish head (wash away the salt) each 60-120 g, decocted in water for oral dose, 2 times a day.

3, Radish

Radish contains a variety of vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and phosphate iron and other minerals. With remove heat diuretic, cooling bleeding, is the treatment of hypertension share.

Treatment Methods: chopped white radish mash juice, 50 ml each time, twice a day.

4, gourd

Gourd is rich in sugars, vitamins B, C, fat, protein, etc., with heat, diuretic, antihypertensive effect.

Treatment Methods: gourd smashed wringer to honey tone service, every 20-30 ml, 2 times a day.

5, black fungus

Fungus contain sugar, fat, protein, vitamin B and calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements. Lowering blood pressure effect.

Treatment Methods: 10 grams of black fungus, washed with water and soak thoroughly, then add sugar steamed for 1-2 hours. Every night at bedtime. Can , arteriosclerosis.


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Article: What to eat to cure high blood pressure – Five kinds of vegetables adjuvant treatment of hypertension

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