What kind of milk powder suitable for newborns

What kind of milk powder is suitable for newborns? Higher prices of infant formula  can replace breast milk? Experts pointed out that all of the nutrients in milk powder, breast milk contains them. Meanwhile fresh milk will increase renal solute load, the baby less than 2 years  is generally recommended not to eat . “‘Breakfast milk’, ‘active milk’, ‘flavored milk’ other milk drinks are complicated, it is best not to feed infants. Eating milk powder to the newborn, nor is stronger, the better.”

Young parents are often confused by all kinds of milk powder publicity overwhelmed. Formula milk powder currently on the market, mostly close to the composition of breast milk, but in the individual ingredients and quantity vary. Parents in the selection formula milk powder, and pays attention to nutrients moderate, balanced, comprehensive, milk powder tastes better, as long as every age can meet the child’s growth and development needs of the baby, after eating no constipation, no diarrhea, , sleep, appetite normal weight and height growth and other indicators are functioning properly on the trip.

Breast milk also contains antibodies and β-carotene, help to improve the baby’s immunity, is the ideal choice for baby food. All milk powder nutrients in breast milk are included. But some mothers breast milk inadequate or because of work and other reasons, can not personally breastfeeding, will have to select the appropriate infant formula, when you choose to use infant formula, Breast milk must be used as a standard, the basic principles of selection Formula milk powder is closer to Breast milk ingredients milk powder as possible.

Reconstituted formula milk should strictly follow the instructions proportion reconstituted, not to increase the nutrition and reconstituted too strong, if the concentration is too large, the water is reduced, will increase the burden on the kidneys baby. Only meet the baby growth characteristics of the milk powder is the most suitable. Parents who do not blindly pursue the Formula milk powder to add a variety of elements, elements are added is not the more the better. Fat-soluble vitamins, such as milk powder A, D, iron, zinc and other minerals exceeded, the child can be toxic. Fresh milk due to higher levels of protein and minerals, will increase the renal solute load is generally recommended not to eat the baby within 2 years.

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Article: What kind of milk powder suitable for newborns

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