What is the role of magnesium – the symptoms of lack magnesium

Priorities in your Life, we need a balanced diet, do not lead to a lack of nutrients. Magnesium is an important nutrient that is needed by the human body. A lack of magnesium can cause many conditions. The following conditions may be helped by increasing your intake of magnesium:

1. Asthma – Magnesium is necessary to help relax the bronchiole muscles of the lungs.

2. Constipation – Magnesium assists in maintaining a normal bowel muscle function. Milk of magnesia is a common treatment for constipation.

3. Panic attacks and anxiety – Magnesium assists in maintaining normal brain function. It also helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control.

4. Hypertension – Insufficient magnesium causes blood vessels to constrict and blood pressure increases.

5. Insomnia – Magnesium helps to regulate melatonin, which is a hormone that is essential for normal sleep and wakefulness cycles.

Our bodies require magnesium for:
1.    Maintaining normal blood pressure, blood flow and the transmission of nerve cell signals.
2.    Protein synthesis, cell growth and development.
3.    Sparking of the electrical signals that need to travel throughout the nerve network in our body.
4.    Functioning of all nerves and muscles in the body
5.    Release and binding of adequate amounts of serotonin in the brain

Sources of magnesium
Magnesium can be found in wheat bran, molasses, almonds, peanuts, cooked beans and tofu.
Try and include some of the above into your diet daily, to ensure that you get an adequate amount of magnesium.

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Article: What is the role of magnesium – the symptoms of lack magnesium

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