What is the reason Pregnant women poor sleep?

Not only pregnant female body resistance after the fall, but also become more sensitive to the relative physical and mental, so emotionally less stable, so easy to sleep bad situation. Pregnant specific cause poor sleep is what causes are as follows:
1, hormonal changes
After pregnant women emotionally volatile, hormonal changes in pregnant women, there are two main hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, two hormones can cause mood swings pregnant women big, and anti-stress, that patience is relatively It drops.
Hormonal changes, emotional ups and downs of harm is relatively large, if long-term sleep well, the pressure is too large, easily affect the fetus intellectual and physical development in all aspects, and even the possibility of premature birth, the pregnant women to improve the quality of sleep is very traditional Chinese medicine of.

2, dietary changes
Many women after pregnancy occurs taste great changes, pregnant women want to improve sleep quality and physical development of the fetus, it should eat some of the pressure caused by food. Common to coffee, tea and a variety of fried foods, these foods contain saturated fat for the body of pregnant women is very unfavorable.

3, frequent urination
Women after pregnancy, the uterus in order to meet fetal growth and development will continue to increase and expand, so the direct pressure of the bladder body, so it is easy to cause urinary urgency case appears. The study found that During Pregnancy most women will have the phenomenon of frequent urination, not just during the day, at night, many pregnant women are also frequent running toilet, which seriously affect the quality of sleep of pregnant women.

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Article: What is the reason Pregnant women poor sleep?


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