What is the reason causing leukemia

For what is the cause of leukemia caused problems surely we were eager to learn it, once suffering from leukemia for our health would cause great harm, in recent years, there are many people suffering from leukemia, to understand the etiology of leukemia on prevention of leukemia is very important to give the following issues to talk about the etiology of leukemia.

1, Genetic factors
Leukemia, hereditary also exist on this point to have a certain understanding. But here, “genetic” does not mean parents will certainly genetic disease to their children, but to the chromosomal and genetic abnormalities of leukemia highlighted the prevalence of higher than normal. Such as PH, chromosome presence and chronic myelogenous leukemia quite the same. If there is a twin of leukemia then another person who was a very big chance of leukemia.

2, Radiation factor
Radiation also causes leukemia causes. Various radiation in life is very damaging to the human body, but also induced severe leukemia noticed. So, in ordinary life, sure to stay away from a variety of radioactive substances. It was first discovered, engaged in radiation work staff to undergo radiation treatment of non-leukemia patients, such as spondylitis, easy to get leukemia, radiation makes malignant hematopoietic cells to detect changes.

3, Chemical factors
The incidence of leukemia in contact with the patient concerning chemical substances in the affirmative, then may not know. There are some certain chemicals cause leukemia effect. If a large number of long-term exposure to benzene or its derivatives is higher than the usual crowd of leukemia aware crowd. Some anti-tumor cytotoxic drugs factors all contribute to leukemia.

4, Viral factors
Animal experimental observations indicate that virus-induced leukemia due to carcinogenic RAN, more recently discovered human T-lymphotropic virus can cause leukemia appears. Virus infection is usually the cause of some “catalyst”, giving rise to the emergence of leukemia.

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Article: What is the reason causing leukemia

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