What is the reason cause to hair brown

1. Dystrophy type: This type of hair brown, mainly caused by high levels of malnutrition, should pay attention to allocation of food, improve the body’s nutritional status. Eggs, lean meat, soy, peanuts, walnuts, black sesame seeds contains large amounts of animal protein and vegetable protein, but also contains constitute the main component of hair cystine and cysteine, is the best food for hair care.

2. Pathotypes: suffering from certain diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia, and when recovering from illness, can make the hair from black to yellow. This situation should eat more black beans, walnuts, fennel, etc. Black beans contain melanin resultant, a melanin growth promoting role. Fennel contains fennel ether, help the original melanin turn into the melanin cells, so the hair from the brown, becoming black.

3. Radiation reasons: the development of modern science and technology allow people to radiation by the ubiquitous, long-term by the radiation, such as in computers, radar and x-rays, etc. The emergence of brown hair, should pay attention to a food supplement rich in vitamins A, such as pigs liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, etc.; eat more anti radiation foods such as seaweed, high-protein food, and drink green tea.

4. Acidic body type: acidic body in the blood is a lot of acid toxins, but also with over exertion and over-eating sweet food, fat related. Should eat kelp, fish, milk, beans, mushrooms, etc. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, such as celery, rape, spinach, cabbage, citrus and other, help to neutralize the body acidic toxins, improve hair brown.

5. Copper deficiency: the lack of certain trace elements can cause hair brown. Copper deficiency causes the body hair brown. Elements copper-rich foods, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, fruits and so on.

6. Functional: The main reason is trauma, fatigue, seasonal endocrine disorders, drugs and chemicals to stimulate the melanin cells in the body as a result of generating obstacles. Such hair brown to eat more fish, black sesame, alfalfa dishes. Alfalfa contains active ingredients that can replicate melanoma cells, melanin has the function of regeneration; fish in the nicotinic acid can dilate capillaries, enhance microcirculation, elimination of melanin production obstacles to hair, remove yellow bodybuilding.

Hair brown, often manifested in physical function metabolic temporarily disorders, although the reasons are many, but as long to find the reason in time, hair brown can be solved.

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Article: What is the reason cause to hair brown

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