What is the function and effect of honey water

It is often heard that women should drink more honey water. What is the function and efficacy of women drinking honey water? The little editor will be introduced in detail. In fact, the role of honey is a lot, but most people only think that honey has the effect of beauty and beauty, in fact, honey is far more than this effect and function!

The efficacy of honey water
1. Restore fatigue, especially after staying up late
Of all natural foods, the energy required by brain neurons is the highest in honey. Fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood. Usage: a cup of honey water at noon.

2. Eliminate the food after a big meal
Honey can promote normal secretion of gastric acid, and enhance the role of intestinal peristalsis, can significantly shorten the defecation time. Usage: 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

3. Moistening lung
Honey has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, lung moistening and cough relieving effects. Loquat honey has the best antitussive effect. Usage: Sydney, slice, slice and mix with honey, several times a day.

4. Alleviate a hangover
Honey contains a kind of fructose that most fruits do not have. It can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, so it is beneficial to quick sobering and relieving the headache after drinking. Usage: before eating, eat 50 grams of honey or some biscuits with honey, and drink honey water after drinking.

5.Let the excited nerves sleep
Honey, glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium can regulate the nervous system function, relieve nervous tension and promote sleep. Moreover, honey has no side effects such as depression, exhaustion and distraction from other drugs. The sedative function of Apple honey is the most prominent. Usage: a spoonful of honey every night before bedtime.

6. Treatment of accidental wound
The acidity of honey is equal to vinegar after the sugar is removed, so that bacteria can not survive in the wound site. Even without germs, the swelling and pain of the wound will be greatly reduced under the action of it. It can also eliminate the dead muscles and accelerate the healing of wounds. Usage: wash the wound with 10% to 15% of honey and apply it with pure honey.

7. Soothe the skin
Honey is the most ideal skin care product. It can supply skin nutrients to make skin elastic, kill or inhibit bacteria attached to the skin surface, eliminate the pigmentation of the skin, and promote the regeneration of epithelial tissue. Usage: add a spoonful of honey to a spoonful of grape juice, add flour and mix well, then become a grape juice honey mask.

8. Protect the wild heart
Honey can nourish the myocardium and improve the metabolic function of the myocardium, make the hemoglobin increase, the cardiovascular diastolic, prevent the blood agglutination and ensure the normal circulation of the blood of the coronary blood vessel.


1. Honey is contained in the mouth, it can cure pharyngitis, it is very effective for working hard and rising after night.

2.Transfer to all kinds of beverages and food, elegant aroma, sweet taste, but pay attention to temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

3.After drinking, wearing concentrated honey can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, eliminate headache after drinking, and reduce the damage of alcohol to the liver.

4. Using honey to smear lips can prevent rotten corners of the mouth; using honey to make facial mask can make the skin delicate, clean and elastic.

5. Honey instead of white sugar to burn, roast food points, flavor, color and nutrition is good, especially the roast chicken, roast duck with jujube nectar, its color golden, unique flavor, may as well try.
Half an hour before the meal to take honey, can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, therefore atrophic gastritis (lack of gastric acid), should be taken before meals, and conversely two to three hours after eating honey can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, hypertrophic gastritis (hyperacidity), should be taken after meals.

6. Treatment of anemia: frequent consumption of honey can increase the content of hemoglobin in the blood. It is recommended to consume 100 grams of honey per day and not to eat other carbohydrates. Some of them should be eaten on an empty stomach and eaten after an hour.

7.Prevention of vascular sclerosis: honey can prevent and delay vascular sclerosis. There should be at least 15 days to eat honey every 3 months.
Improving sleep: honey is a good medicine to help sleep, because it is a sedative which can act on the whole body. You can take a full spoon of honey before going to sleep, plus a little linden tree flower, honey flower, passion flower, valerian (can also be mixed with a single, also can be mixed), with 35 degrees centigrade warm water to become a good cup of sleeping Ning God honey tea.

8.Protect the liver: Honey protects the liver, fasting every morning and every night before going to bed.
Regulate blood pressure: if there is no taboo, you can make a spoonful of honey and two spoonful of apple vinegar with half a cup of water and eat it on an empty stomach every day, both for hypertension and hypotension.

9. Skin care: honey can nourish the skin, cure pain, and also play a daily skin care role.

10. Mask for removing freckles: mix two spoonfuls of honey with 20 ml of fresh pineapple juice. Brush your face with a brush and rinse with water after ten minutes. This honey mask can eliminate freckles.
Honey can make up the essence: if you want to maintain sexual ability, it is necessary to conduct sexual behavior frequently, but it is a matter of course that the physical strength will be reduced after it is used. If you use too much energy, will it be bad for your body? Maybe you’ll start to worry about your own health problems.

Recover from fatigue, especially after staying up late: in all natural foods, the energy required by brain neurons is highest in honey. Fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood.

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Article: What is the function and effect of honey water


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