What is patients with fatty liver diet taboos

Now, with increasing living standards, more and more people to eat better, but the body is so many people were eating collapsed. Diseases such as hypertension, fatty liver is almost everywhere. And these diseases can not be cured one or two days, so a lot of people a headache. So, if had fatty liver, pay attention to what things? What is patients with ?

1. Less a fat meat and fried foods.

Because fatty liver toxins, purify the blood and remove waste less functional, and therefore should be minimal intake of fat, less fat and fried foods, give some rest to adjust the time the liver.
2. Lose weight.
Since fatty liver is a digestive disease, so diet control is essential. weight loss is to eliminate its core mission, the fat within the liver will decrease along with the body fat. But also actively moderate exercise, regular outdoor activities.

3. Try to avoid all kinds of drugs.
Weakened liver injury, this time to eat a lot of drugs (including certain vitamins, herbs), or the inhalation of paint and chloride environments such as chemical substances, the situation will cause damage to the liver worse. However, experts said that once the liver caused by fatty liver dysfunction, or elevated transaminases, they should take lipid-lowering drugs, JiangMei drugs and fish oil health products under the guidance of doctors, but never allowed to increase the dose.

4. Absolutely can not drink.
Although some fatty liver has nothing to do with drinking, but experts said that once the diagnosis of fatty liver, patients should teetotal, the reason is very simple: an injured liver can not handle alcohol, drink only accelerate the deterioration process of the liver.

5. Eat organic food.
Organic foods contain pesticides less, and thus reduce the burden on the liver. In addition, backyard poultry and other meat eating fatty liver also helps rehabilitation. Recommendation: daily consumption of 500 g of fresh green leafy vegetables.

6. Supplementary important amino acids.
N-acetyl-cysteine ​​amino acids can protect the liver function, prevention of liver inflammation, fatty liver disease and thus help to improve the situation. Chicken during cooking can release cysteine.

7. More intake of protein.
Protein supplement helps to improve liver function, it should be noted: only eat red meat once a week; egg yolk not more than two a day; eat less oil, soy products; eat chicken. The best source of protein is oily fish such as salmon and shrimp.

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Article: What is patients with fatty liver diet taboos


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