What is atherosclerosis ?

Atherosclerosis is a common disease of arteriosclerosis of the most important one. Which is characterized by involved artery disease, from the beginning of intima. General first, the accumulation of lipids and complex carbohydrates, bleeding and thrombosis, fibrous tissue hyperplasia and calcification, and the gradual metamorphosis and the middle artery calcification, the lesions often involving elastic and large and medium of muscular arteries , etc., Once developed enough to block arteries lumen, then the arterial supply of the tissue or organ to ischemia or necrosis. As the the accumulation of lipid in the arterial intima appearance of yellow congee appearance, so called .

Atherosclerosis is the arterial wall, deposition of a layer of lipids such as millet gruel-like, so that lower arterial elasticity, narrowing the arterial lumen of the lesion.

Large and middle artery intima appeared with cholesterol, fat and other types of yellow substance, and more from fat metabolism disorders, neurovascular disorders causing. Often leads to thrombosis, blood supply disorders. Also known as atherosclerosis.

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Article: What is atherosclerosis ?

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