What fungi food most suitable for children to eat?

Flammulina, black fungus, mushrooms most suitable for children to eat.

First, Flammulina

Flammulina contains the necessary growth and development of children lysine, arginine, to promote children’s memory, the development of children’s intelligence has a special role, often referred to as “mushroom”; which contains vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus to promote Digestion and absorption of the role and make it deposited in the bones and teeth, to promote children’s bones, teeth, growth and development, prevention of rickets can play a positive role, but spleen and stomach Deficiency of the child is not easy to eat.

Second, black fungus
Black fungus iron, high calcium content, eat can prevent iron deficiency anemia in children. In order to make the child digest, parents should wash soaked fungus chopped, with other food cooking.

Third, mushrooms
Mushroom low in calories, protein, high vitamin content, can provide children’s body needs a variety of vitamins, growth and development of children is very good. Mushrooms contain wheat steroids generally lacking in the vegetables, wheat sterols can be converted to vitamin D, can promote children’s body calcium absorption, regular consumption of mushrooms for enhancing children’s immunity, prevention of influenza virus also has a good effect. In view of children’s digestive system is relatively delicate, do mushrooms must be washed, steamed, boiled. In order to fully absorb the nutrition of mushrooms, the best choice for dried mushrooms.
Although fungi are nutritious, children should not eat too much at once, and they should work with other foods to maximize their value.

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Article: What fungi food most suitable for children to eat?

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