What fruit to eat can skin whitening

There are several the fruit can make the skin whitening :

Apple: Apple helps to moisturize the skin, promote the body metabolism, helping the body detoxification, long-term consumption of dark skin can improve and restore supple brilliance.

Orange: orange there are rich in vitamin C, VC has a effect.

Tomato: Tomato has good protection VC, VC absorption effect.

Litchi: Litchi is also rich in nutrients.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in vitamins due to C and calcium, and as raw material for cosmetics and skin care products. Lemon major cosmetic effect are: whitening cleansing, remove stains, firming, nourishing the skin, reduce fatigue, anti-aging skin. In addition, the lemon also contains a lot fruit acid composition, can soften the cuticles, remove dead skin and promote skin metabolism.

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Article: What fruit to eat can skin whitening

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