What foods to eat to resist cold (keep warm) in winter diet

How to resist cold and keep warm? Can increase the body thermal energy of the food are the following, you can selectively eat more, for keeping warm effect is good.

1, The iron-containing foods
Consciously eat more mutton, beef, duck, tortoise meat and other meat, but also doping eat carrots, potato, green onions and other root vegetables are rich in minerals. And animal blood, egg yolk, liver, soybeans, sesame and other iron-containing foods. These foods help to promote the body’s metabolic speed, enhanced secretion, which can effectively improve the chills phenomenon.

2, Warm food
Mutton, dog meat, longan, leeks, walnuts, millet, etc., appropriate to eat, can improve the ability to keeping warm. In contrast, duck, crab, banana, cucumber, pear, green beans, watermelon, sugar and other cold foods, the best eat less.

3, Foods containing vitamin
Low temperature will accelerate the metabolism of vitamin, diet should be promptly added. Such as vitamin A can enhance the body’s tolerance to cold; vitamin C can increase the body’s ability to adapt to the cold. Thus, the winter should be increased animal liver, carrots, pumpkin and other foods rich in vitamin A and fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C intake.

4, Iodine-containing food
The human thyroid gland may secrete a hormone called Thyroid hormone, with heat production effects. Thyroid hormone of iodine and tyrosine by the composition. Tyrosine can be synthesized in the body, but must rely on food iodine supplement. Thus, the winter should be properly eat kelp, seaweed, shellfish and other iodine-rich foods.

5, Calcium-rich food
Medical studies have shown that afraid of the cold, and lack of relevant dietary minerals, especially calcium deficiency, may affect the heart, blood vessels and muscle flexibility and excitement. Thus, the winter may wish to eat milk, soy, shrimp and other calcium-rich foods. In addition, carrots, sweet potato, lotus root, green onions, potatoes and other root vegetables contain a large number of minerals, regular consumption can increase the body’s resistance to cold.

6, Methionine-containing food
Low temperature so that human urine creatine excretion increased, accelerating fat metabolism. Creatine synthesis and fat metabolism require methyl, the methyl of methionine can be provided. Methionine is an essential one of the eight amino acids, and amino acid-rich foods include sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables. For the elderly, may wish to eat pig blood. The proportion of amino acids in pig blood and human body is very closer, easy to absorb, suitable for digest the dysfunction of the elderly for edible.

7, Thermogenesis food
Low temperature will have an impact of endocrine and digestive system, so that the protein, fat, carbohydrates three major nutrients, metabolism, speed up the decomposition, the relative increase in energy consumption. Thus, the winter should increase protein, fat and carbohydrates three types thermogenesis intake of nutrients, such as staple food and a small amount of sugar-containing sweets, especially fish, milk and other high quality protein and fat intake, when cooking appropriate to put a little more vegetable oil.

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Article: What foods to eat to resist cold (keep warm) in winter diet

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