What foods to eat to avoid zinc deficiency of children – Children Zinc deficiency how do

Zinc is an essential trace element the human body. Child’s growth and development plays an important role in promoting. Zinc deficiency may be a variety of children’s diseases, not only the diminutive weight gain, and rough skin, dry hair soft and yellow buds will impair its function, so taste changes, appear tasteless diet, anorexia and pica. In addition, children deficiency also susceptible to colds, pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Zinc is mainly supplemented through diet, just eat more the following foods would not have happened of zinc deficiency phenomenon.

Zinc supplement food of animal foods and plant foods:

1. Animal foods, foods high in zinc are: lean meat, pork liver, fish, egg yolk, of which the most high zinc oysters. According to tests, the amount of zinc in animal foods more generally, every hundred grams of animal food about 3-5 mg of zinc, and the amino acids produced by the decomposition of animal protein can promote the absorption of zinc.

2. Less zinc in plant foods. Every one hundred grams of plant foods about 1 mg of zinc. A variety of plant foods high in zinc content, there are beans, peanuts, The millet, radish, cabbage, walnuts, peanuts, sesame, seaweed and so on.

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Article: What foods to eat to avoid zinc deficiency of children – Children Zinc deficiency how do

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