What foods to eat pregnant women can improve immunity

Pregnant women to eat plenty of protein, appropriate amount of vitamins and trace elements with immunomodulatory function.

1, Protein is mothers immune system defense function of the material basis, if the lack of protein nutrition, will affect the formation of immune cells and antibodies, leading to diminished body resistance to disease, a variety of infectious diseases will take advantage of.

2, Vitamins A, C, E, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folic acid and taurine are mothers to maintain normal physiological functions necessary nutrients, their lack will also lead to reduced immune function.

3, Copper, iron, zinc and other trace elements must be immune function is also inseparable, if mothers lack of these elements, will inhibit the immune function, the incidence of infection will increase.

As the month of pregnancy increases, the demand for trace elements such as iron and calcium has also increased. For example, non-pregnant women need 1 mg of iron per day, while pregnant women need 4 mg daily. The main sources of iron are:

1, From animal protein intake, such as pigs, sheep, beef. Because animal protein in the intestines of iron is easy to absorb and use, after pregnancy, each meal can eat 50 to 100 grams of cooked meat, and with the increase of pregnancy can be appropriately increased.

2, From plant protein intake, such as dates, red beans, but in comparison, less iron absorption, and increased carbohydrate content.

3, Oral iron, some people have gastrointestinal reactions, can further cause loss of appetite.

Domestic and foreign information proves that if pregnant women eat less than 80 grams of protein per day, can cause miscarriage, premature birth, fetal growth restriction, it is recommended that expectant mothers who eat adequate food containing protein. Studies have shown that the development of brain cells mainly in the fetal and postnatal year, if the lack of the necessary protein during this period may affect fetal development, may result in decreased fetal brain cells, reduce the size, and will affect the intelligence of newborns development.

Calcium is also an important trace element. Early pregnancy needs 600 mg daily, mid-term need 1000 mg, advanced 1500 mg. The main sources of calcium are:

1, Milk and dairy products. Each bag of 250 ml of milk contains 200 mg of calcium. It is recommended that 2 to 3 bags of milk should be added per day after the second trimester, plus 1 g of calcium supplement.

2, Shrimp and seafood may be appropriate to eat.

Affected by placental hormones after pregnancy, prone to insulin resistance, many pregnant mothers after the second trimester eat sweet food. A lot of information shows that after the medium term should be eating sweets, especially pregnant women with diabetes more should pay attention. Most pregnant women think that after pregnancy should eat more fruit, there are some people even eat 34 pounds of fruit a day. Although the fruit contains many vitamins for mother and baby is beneficial, but also contains a lot of sugar, if excessive consumption can cause obesity and edema. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women control the amount of fruit in less than 500 grams per day is appropriate.

In addition, pregnant women to be appropriate activities. Studies have shown that moderate exercise can increase the human immunoglobulin by 14%, thereby enhancing human immunity, good maternal and child health, and moderate exercise is also conducive to natural childbirth.

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Article: What foods to eat pregnant women can improve immunity


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