What foods to eat for pregnant women lecithin supplements

Under normal circumstances, the body of expectant mother of the amniotic fluid contains a lot of lecithin, can supply the required fetus. Body about 15 billion brain cells, but the formation of which there are 70% in the mother.

Thus, supplement lecithin, for expectant mother, it is absolutely indispensable thing. And necessary for life and a small part of lecithin is secreted by the liver, the other most needs from food intake.

Lecithin and more present in: egg yolks, soy, fish head, eel, liver, mushrooms, yam, sesame, black fungus, safflower seed oil, corn oil, seeds, cereals and other foods, among which belong to the highest content of egg yolk, soybeans and the animal liver.

However, lecithin has a drawback, that is not heat-resistant, and its activity is most effective in about 25 ℃, higher than 50 ℃, it will lose its function. So, which has been demanded for cooking, must take the temperature control within 50 ℃.

Although soy, eggs are rich in lecithin, but there are gap between of their quality. Egg lecithin highest quality, but it is difficult to extract, which makes it comparable to the gold price is comparable.

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Article: What foods to eat for pregnant women lecithin supplements


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