What foods to eat for pregnant women calcium supplements

Usually no special reason pregnant women from four months to start calcium supplements, pregnant women, calcium supplements the tonic method is simple and safe, there are a lot of calcium supplements foods such as dairy products, seafood, meat, eggs and other calcium-rich foods, of course one of the ways pregnant women calcium tablets is calcium supplements.

Tofu: In general, half a catty tofu, calcium meet 1/3 of pregnant women one day , the main source of calcium in tofu is calcium-rich soy and added bittern and gypsum.

Milk: Milk in addition to calcium, iron and other nutrients, it also contains high-quality protein.

Bone soup: soup bones contain beneficial absorbed liquid calcium, liquid calcium is the most beneficial to the human body calcium.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is conducive to the absorption of calcium, so calcium supplements but also to ensure the absorption of calcium.

Calcium-rich foods
Calcium-rich foods: seafood, meat, soy products, dairy products, such as crucian carp, dried shrimp, shrimp, laver,  common carp, chub, catfish, tofu, dried tofu, soybeans, pork, chicken, milk, goat’s milk , cheese, raisins, apples, dates, pumpkin seeds, eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs and so on.

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Article: What foods to eat for pregnant women calcium supplements


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