What foods to eat against radiation good effect ?

Against radiation best material is a polysaccharide, especially edible fungus polysaccharides, edible fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, Pleurotus appropriate diet. Edible fungus polysaccharides can effectively absorb harmful radiation, promote the excretion of toxic substances. Fried, stewed may. Can also edible sea cucumber, it is rich in polysaccharides and collagen, is a good anti-radiation food. Everyday there are several simple and effective radiation food! !

Black sesame seeds
The black sesame enhance immunity, humoral immune function of the body’s cells, the effective protection of human health.

Purple amaranth
Purple amaranth anti-radiation, anti-mutagenic, antioxidant effect, its selenium. Selenium is an important trace elements, can improve the ability of the body .

Green tea
Green tea polyphenols, not only has the effect of anticancer and clear the body of free radicals, but also anti-radiation. Drink green tea every day is very beneficial to the body. Tea also contains LPS, can improve the hematopoietic function, elevated platelet and white blood cell.

Lycopene not only have superior radiation resistance, and the highly antioxidant capacity. Lycopene is widely exists in tomatoes, apricots, guava, watermelon, papaya, red grapes and other fruits and vegetables. Which, relatively high levels in the tomato, and more present in the skin and seeds of the tomato. In addition, lycopene is fat-soluble vitamin, Fry over can be absorbed by the body.

Algae food
Algae is rich in vegetable protein, a variety of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances, can promote hematopoietic function of bone marrow cells, enhance the proliferative activity of bone marrow cells, serum protein biosynthesis, thereby enhancing the body’s immune force. Therefore, eat kelp, spirulina like, with a clear anti-radiation effect.

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Article: What foods to eat against radiation good effect ?

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