What foods to eat afraid of the cold in winter

Cold winter cold shivering, in addition to wear more clothes, the diet is also very important to a method of cold hardiness. US experts found that human blood iron deficiency and who will afraid of the cold. So afraid of the cold in winter who may wish to eat more foods high iron content.

Meat with dog meat, mutton, beef, venison, good keeping warm effect. Eat the meat speed up the metabolism, endocrine function increases, so to keeping warm effect. Root vegetables, such as lotus root, carrots, lily, potato, cabbage and other rich in inorganic salts, may wish to eat other foods doped.

Additionally, you can eat more foods high in iron, Pennsylvania State University researchers found that human blood iron deficiency also cold. Anemia hemoglobin to normal human body temperature were lower than the 0.7 ℃, 13% less heat production, when the increase in iron intake, significantly enhanced its ability to cold. Thus afraid of the cold people can consciously increase the food intake of high iron content, such as animal liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk. In particular, the usual vegetarian, this season should pay more attention iron supplementation.

Kelp, seaweed, jellyfish, clams, cabbage, spinach, corn and other iodine-containing foods can promote the body’s thyroid hormone secretion. Thyroid hormone has a thermogenic effect, it can accelerate the oxidation process the vast majority of tissue cells in vivo, increase heat production, so that increased basal metabolic rate, blood circulation and strengthen the skin, anti-cold keep out the cold.  Also, you can eat spicy food, promote blood circulation, increase body temperature.

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Article: What foods to eat afraid of the cold in winter


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