What foods to avoid during pregnancy – 8 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Do you know What foods to avoid During Pregnancy? It is very much important to know what foods to avoid during pregnancy as those nine months are surely the most challenging times in a woman’s life. Mostly, the foods that are to be taken in pregnancy is given significance when compared to a pregnant woman’s diet pattern. But, there are some foods which are not be eaten while being pregnant.

Say a big ‘NO’ to the below listed foods if you are pregnant.

What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Seafoods And Raw Meat

Some of the sea foods like Shark, King Mackerel, Tile fish and Swordfish are to be avoided during pregnancy as they contain high levels of mercury in it. Likewise, uncooked raw fish or meats should also be avoided as it poses high risk of listeria, which is the bacterium that is responsible for food poisoning. It is also suggested to avoid smoked or the frozen sea foods like sushi, oysters, smoked salmon, etc. You may safely go for the canned or the shelf stable items.

Raw Eggs

Pregnant women are not supposed to eat raw eggs as they may contain salmonella. Beware that some of the salad dressings, ice creams, desserts, mayonnaise, cake batter, etc. are prepared with raw eggs. While dining out, care has to be taken if these preparations are served.

Unpasteurized Milk

The unpasteurized milk may contain the bacteria called Listeria, which may also be present in other dairy products. The bacteria, Listeria could cause harm to the expecting mothers with cross placenta and can also cause infection in babies.

Refrigerated Meat Spreads

The meat spreads that are usually refrigerated also may contain risk of listeria contamination. Hence, it has to be avoided. Instead of refrigerated ones, you may go for the canned or the shelf stable ones.


Although liver is a good source of iron, it contains high levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A in large amounts can cause harm to the baby.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese may contain harmful bacteria that cause harm during pregnancy. It is because of the fact that the method used to make soft cheese promotes the growth of bacteria in it.

Warm Foods

Foods like dates, papaya, mangoes, asafetida, etc. are known to be warm foods. These are to be avoided during early pregnancy as they may be responsible for dilation and sometimes may cause miscarriage. Hence, it is safe to avoid them completely in the initial stage of pregnancy.


As soon as you know that there is a small life growing inside, give up the alcohol. It would be bad for the baby and may cause trouble in the prenatal growth of fetus.

Apart from the above, pregnant women have to avoid the intake of untreated juices, deli meats like Hot Dogs, etc. Unwashed fruits or any other food that are sold by vendors on the street should strictly be avoided. Hygiene in food is very essential when you eat from outside during pregnancy. If you follow the above list and avoid them during your pregnancy, you are sure to enjoy a safe and pleasant nine months!

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Article: What foods to avoid during pregnancy – 8 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


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