What foods pregnant women eat nutritious and would not gain weight

Pregnant mother knows that for the healthy development of the fetus, the need to ensure that complement a variety of nutrients, therefore, need to eat a variety of healthy During Pregnancy, nutritious food, but mothers also have a concern, eat nutritious food so much, will not make themselves fat it? worried postpartum unable to maintain a good body, where specifically recommended for pregnant mom pregnant women not to eat a nutritious fat 15 kinds of food.

1, whole wheat bread —- supplementation with iron and zinc
If you eat whole wheat bread a day during pregnancy rather than white bread flour, pregnant mother can ensure intake of 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. At the same time, whole wheat bread can also provide a wealth of iron and zinc.

2, oatmeal —- maintain energy, lower cholesterol
During pregnancy in order to allow yourself to have a vibrant morning, do not eat fried fritters, right, and quickly replaced by cereal bar! Why? Because cereal not only allows mothers to maintain a morning full of energy, but also reduce the body cholesterol levels. Do not choose those tastes sweet, processed cereal, preferably natural, no added sugar or other ingredients inside. According to their own tastes and preferences in Riga porridge cooked some nuts, raisins or honey.

3, skim milk, calcium —- help pregnant women
When pregnant, pregnant women need to learn about calcium from food than usual doubled every pregnant woman should consume about 1,000 milligrams of calcium, but the calcium content of most foods are very limited, if pregnancy can drink more skim milk like, for as long as 3 cups of skim milk (200 grams) to meet this demand.

4, low-fat yogurt —- calcium and protein to help pregnant women
Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein, even those who suffer from lactose intolerance mothers, for yogurt is still easy to absorb. Pregnant women, but also helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal state.

5, the main source of zinc in the blood lean —-
Iron plays an irreplaceable role in human blood and red blood cells transport oxygen in the process of synthesis. Pregnant women during the entire amount of blood will increase, which increases the blood used to ensure adequate nutrition to the fetus, so pregnancy would exponentially increase the need for iron. If the lack of iron stored in the body, pregnant mothers will feel extremely tired, so by eating enough iron becomes particularly important. Lean iron is one of the main sources of supply iron pregnant mother needs, but also the most easily absorbed by the human body.

6, whole wheat crackers —- relieve morning sickness response, and ensure smooth blood sugar
Graham cracker snacks such has many uses: in the morning and early pregnancy mothers can ponder it in bed, can be very effective in relieving morning sickness reaction; the way to work, eat a few pieces in the car, can help mothers to pass boring time; the office when you suddenly had the desire to eat something, whole wheat crackers on the side, and will not easily noticeable. It is a genuine mini food, and will faithfully ensure smooth pregnant mother’s blood sugar a day, energetic.

7, citrus —- vitamin C and folic acid
Although citrus fruits are in the 90% moisture, but still rich in vitamin C, folic acid and a lot of fiber. Can help pregnant women maintain their strength and prevent fatigue caused by lack of water.

8, banana —- relieve morning sickness, to provide energy
Bananas can help pregnant women to quickly provide energy, help repel pregnant at any time of fatigue. And when the pregnant mother plagued by vomiting, bananas are easily accepted by your stomach. In order to get better nutrition, you can cut it into pieces into the cereal, and can also milk, whole wheat bread for breakfast together.

9, green leafy vegetables, vitamins and folic acid supplements —-
Spinach is rich in folic acid and zinc. Cabbage is a good source of calcium. The raw lettuce salad reform look, add some dark color, will enhance the nutritional value of the dish, because the darker the vegetable often means that higher vitamin content. Pregnant mother can also add some fresh vegetables in soup or dumplings.

10, add nuts —- fat, promote fetal brain development
If the nuts before pregnancy because of the high fat content and its arm’s length, then again after pregnancy should now know: fat for fetal brain development is very important. Nuts can make you hungry and not so fast. Experts suggest that you can use some unsaturated fats (found in nuts, a kind heart-healthy fats) to replace saturated fats (found in meat and butter in). But because the calorie and fat content of nuts is relatively high, so the daily intake should be controlled at about 28 grams. There is a special need to pay attention, if mothers usually have allergies, it is best to avoid eating certain foods can trigger allergies, such as peanuts.

11 eggs —- amino acid supplement
Many mothers feel sick meat saw, in fact, pregnant mother during pregnancy, the egg is the best source of protein intake, and eggs also contain various amino acids needed by the body. Coupled with fried eggs and vegetables will give you something simple and hearty breakfast. If the pregnant mother can not stand the taste of fried eggs, boiled eggs and eat it!

12, cauliflower —- rich in folic acid and antioxidants to promote iron absorption
Pregnant women eat this vegetable is really a lot of advantages, it is not only nutritious, but also healthy and delicious. Rich in calcium and folic acid, but also a lot of fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants; containing vitamin C, also can help pregnant women absorb other green vegetables iron.

13, soy protein supplement —-
For those who adhere to vegetarian mothers, soy is a no better health foods. Soy products can provide a lot of expectant mothers during pregnancy, nutritional requirements, such as proteins

14, pregnant mother —- delicious dried fruit snacks
Dried fruit is a convenient, tasty snacks, can carry, ready to meet the mother’s desire to eat sweets. You can choose to be like apricots, dried cherries, dried tamarind one class, but do not dry bananas, because bananas processed dry, relatively high fat content.

15, ice cream —- calcium supplement
Do not put it into the blacklist. Pregnant mother because there is no need to deprive yourself pregnant while eating ice cream. Some desserts, including ice cream, yogurt or milk pudding made of, can become pregnant mother meal episode, it can provide the calcium you need 1/3 a day. But remember: do not eat too much, and the other additives to eat less ice cream.

Now pregnant mother should be assured of it, above both of these foods can provide a variety of nutrients needed during pregnancy, and pregnant women will not let fat.

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Article: What foods pregnant women eat nutritious and would not gain weight


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