What foods dont eat for Alopecia areata

With alopecia areata what can not eat?

1, Avoid polysaccharides diet: sweet food in vivo metabolism generates a large number of acidic substances, impede hair growth.

2, Avoid eating too much greasy food: fat meat rich in animal fat, eat to much easy to the fat metabolic disorder, and thus the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous thickening; excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in spills sebum, affect the hair follicle function, hair easy to fall off .

3, Avoid spicy food: spicy foods may cause hair to lose moisture and scorch easily fall off.

4, Avoid excessive smoking, alcohol, and not the daily lives of normally, because smoking causes the blood through to the scalp microvascular function affected, and thus have a negative impact on the hair.

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Article: What foods dont eat for Alopecia areata

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