What foods dont eat during menstruation?

Six kinds of food caused by dysmenorrhea, periods do not eat these foods.

1, Containing caffeine beverages
Caffeine causes breast tenderness, causing irritability, anxiety, emotional instability, while consuming the body stores of vitamin B, destruction of carbohydrate metabolism.

2, Sugar
Sugar will consume in the body of vitamin B and minerals, and makes the stomach more likely to eat sugars foods.

3, Wine
Alcohol will consume within the body vitamin B and minerals , too much alcohol will  damage carbohydrate metabolism, which will lead to women dysmenorrhea.

4, High sodium foods
High-sodium foods cause breast tenderness, resulting in edema and breast tenderness.

5, Cheese foods
Cheese will lead to women dysmenorrhea , milk, cheese, cream, yeast, milk, eggs and other foods will destroy the absorption of magnesium, causing dysmenorrhea.

6, High-fat food
Cattle, pigs and lamb are high-fat foods, eating too much can deplete the body of minerals.

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Article: What foods dont eat during menstruation?

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