What foods can not eat for diabetes patient

With the rising number of diabetes, experts indicate that a correct understanding of people with diabetes can not eat what is very necessary, because the diet is directly affected with the disease and changes in blood sugar, need to focus on, the following expert summed up, people with diabetes can not eat foods:

Dates. Jujube contains a lot of sugar, nutrition experts, according to statistics, the sugar content of about 35% in the new fresh dates, sugar content in dried dates up to 60%, diabetes must not eat food.

Glutinous rice. Rice into a large amount of glucose in vivo hydrolysis, and the glutinous rice is higher sugar than the amount of rice, diabetes abnormal sugar metabolism, and more diabetics should not eat glutinous rice.

Honey. Honey has been challenged a food, honey can alleviate constipation, beauty and benefits, but up to 40% of the sugar content of honey and honey sugar body easily direct absorption, so diabetic patients with high blood sugar as much as possible avoid eating.

Sugar cane. Its sweetness is so many people are memorable, although it thirst quencher, but it contains mostly glucose, fructose and sucrose for diabetes body are harmful substances, so the patient be carefully considered.

Popcorn. Experts pointed out that not suitable for diabetics, because popcorn are starchy foods, plus fried, the taboo on the diabetic diet.

Liquor. Alcohol causes the elevated blood sugar, diabetic patients is best not to drink.

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Article: What foods can not eat for diabetes patient

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