What foods can not eat during pregnancy? -Do not eat these eight kinds of food during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period of life, and many new demands have been placed on women’s habits. Take food and drink, some food was originally your favorite, but at this time you have to temporarily alienate them. If you are still “intimate” with them, you will eat more of them, which will be detrimental to your baby in your abdomen. So what food should be estranged?

Do not eat these eight kinds of food During Pregnancy

1. Spinach
Speaking of spinach people may be somewhat surprised, spinach is rich in iron can be blood, but also rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, should have eaten during pregnancy, why eat less? Studies have shown that spinach contains iron But not much, but contains a lot of oxalic acid. The oxalate is a natural enemy of calcium and zinc, it will affect the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestine. As everyone knows, calcium and zinc are indispensable to the body of minerals, if a large number of oxalate damage, it will make the body of zinc deficiency in pregnant women with calcium deficiency. And lack of calcium will affect the fetus’s bones and teeth development; zinc deficiency will make pregnant women, loss of appetite, not for fetal intake of rich nutrition, thus affecting the normal fetal growth and development.

2. Hawthorn
Hawthorn sweet and sour, appetizers help digestion, has always been favored by many women small food, especially in early pregnancy, pregnant Mommy prefer to carry some, so during this period will eat a lot of hawthorn. Medical experts pointed out that hawthorn is good, but pregnant women should not eat, which contains some of the ingredients will stimulate the excitement of the uterus muscles, causing uterine contraction, leading to miscarriage. Especially those who have had spontaneous abortion, habitual abortion and threatened abortion signs of pregnant women during this period is to eat less hawthorn, to prevent the unpredictable.

3. Pickled cabbage
Although people are saying that salted nitrite is carcinogenic, sour cabbage and sour radish have become the “foodie” of many women with their special flavor. In particular, some pregnant women in early pregnancy, it is even more love endless. Because, pickled food can finally help her filed down the appetite, eat some things. However, this food should not eat more, only adjust the taste. Not to mention sauerkraut nutrition is almost completely destroyed in the curing process, has lost the nutritional value of vegetables, more serious is that it contains carcinogenic nitrite not only make the body suffer from cancer, at the same time Will also affect the normal fetal growth and development. Therefore, during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy should not eat too much sauerkraut food.

4. Cold food
Many pregnant women during pregnancy hot blood, always feel very hot and dry body, especially in the hot summer, so they are free to eat cold, drink cold drinks, I do not know this to their own health and fetal baby development are harmful. Medical experts pointed out that excessive intake of cold food can hurt the spleen and stomach, so nutritional intake is affected, can not guarantee their nutritional needs and the fetus. Moreover, too much cold stimulation will make oral, throat, trachea and other parts of the resistance decreased, induced upper respiratory tract infection. In addition, cold food irritation can also cause fetal restlessness, so during pregnancy must be controlled refrigeration.

5. Strong tea
Many pregnant women used to drink tea from an early age. But during pregnancy can not drink tea as usual, especially thicker tea. Because, tea contains 2% -5% of caffeine, will stimulate the fetus excessive activity, and even endanger the growth and development of the fetus. In addition, drinking too much tea can contain the tannic acid contained in pregnant women with iron in the diet, prompting pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia, fetal congenital iron deficiency anemia caused by the hidden dangers. Therefore, do not drink too much tea during pregnancy, even if the amount of drinking is also best after meals to reduce the damage caused by iron absorption.

6. Fritters
Delicious fried dough sticks, but also people often put on the table breakfast food. However, once pregnant or should eat less. Medical research shows that the production of fritters need to add a certain amount of alum. In general, eat two fritters will make you about 3 grams of alum uptake. You know, alum contains aluminum, and high concentrations of aluminum on the human brain has a great damaging effect. If you often eat fried dough sticks, alum will accumulate in the body, over time the body will accumulate high concentrations of aluminum. When aluminum enters the fetus through the placenta, it can cause damage to the fetus’s brain development and increase the incidence of mental retardation.

7. Crab
Crabs taste delicious, nutritious, many pregnant women like to choose the food. However, eating crabs is dangerous to pregnant women in their first trimester. Because crabs easily cause contraction of the uterus muscles, causing vaginal bleeding, and even miscarriage, especially the abortion effect of crab claw more apparent. Moreover, the high content of cholesterol in crabs, pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome should not eat more. Otherwise it will increase the damage to the blood vessels, future cardiovascular disease.

8. Convenience foods
Convenient food to eat both convenient and taste, even pregnant pregnant many pregnant women still like to eat. Medical experts pointed out that pregnant women should not eat more convenience foods, such foods have very little fat content. Often these foods as the staple food, will make the body of pregnant women lack essential fatty acids, and essential fatty acids are important nutrients needed for fetal brain development. Moreover, the early pregnancy to form a good placenta and rich blood vessels also particularly need fatty acids, so as to ensure the nutritional needs of the fetus.

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Article: What foods can not eat during pregnancy? -Do not eat these eight kinds of food during pregnancy


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