what foods can help the baby Intellectual development (IQ development)

1 Millet: millet contains more fat, protein and other nutrients, calcium and iron B vitamins, known as brain food.

2 Eggs: eggs contains more lecithin, can increase the release of acetylcholine in the brain, improve children’s memory and ability to accept. If a child eats breakfast every day 1 or 2 eggs, not only physical brain, but also the energetic children in learning.

3 Soy: Soy is rich in quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, which are brain cell growth and repair of basic components; 1.64% soy lecithin also contains iron and vitamins, the appropriate group of children to take to enhance and improve memory.

4 Fish: fish with a large number of albumin and globulin unsaturated fatty acids, but also rich in calcium and phosphorus iron and vitamins, adequate intake can enhance and improve children’s memory. However, when young children eat. Note Do not let the fish bone stuck in his throat.

5 Shrimp: shrimp is extremely rich in calcium, calcium per 100 grams of about 2000 mg. Adequate intake of calcium may be in the best working condition to ensure the brain, but also prevent other pediatric diseases caused by calcium deficiency. Amount of children eat shrimp, and to enhance memory and prevent rickets as a whole.

6 Milk: 100 grams of milk each containing 3.5 grams of protein, calcium 125 mg. The calcium in milk can regulate the excitability of neuromuscular function. After breakfast the children to drink a glass of milk a day, will help to improve cognitive ability, to ensure that the brain efficiently.

7 Bulb: Bulb contains “garlic amine”, the benefits of this substance on the brain than vitamin B, but also many times stronger. Normal for children to eat more onion, garlic and allow the growth of brain cells more active.

8, Liver and kidney: animal liver and kidney are rich in quality proteins and glycolipids, and contains a lot of choline and iron. Choline can improve the brain’s memory; iron adequate supply of red blood cells transport oxygen, so that ideas are more agile.

9 Walnut: walnut with 40% to 50% of unsaturated fatty acids, substances of human brain cells constitute about 60% of unsaturated fatty acids. It can be said unsaturated fatty acids are essential building materials the brain, the brain child eat healthy development of walnut is very good.

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Article: what foods can help the baby Intellectual development (IQ development)

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