What foods are rich in vitamin D?

Vitamin D is mainly found in marine fish, animal liver, egg yolk and lean meat. Also fortified with fortified foods such as skim milk, cod liver oil, cheese, nuts and seafood, plus vitamin D. Also rich in vitamin D. Vegetable foods contain almost no vitamin D, vitamin D is mainly derived from animal foods. The source of vitamin D is slightly different from other nutrients, in addition to food sources, can also come from their own synthesis, but it requires more sun, to accept more ultraviolet radiation.

Often sun, in order to ensure adequate ultraviolet radiation, the prevention of vitamin D deficiency. But remember that sun is not noon. Can be in the morning before 10:00, after 3 pm in the sun, because of the harmful light at noon too much.

But it is worth noting that vitamin D can not be over-added, if excessive intake of vitamin D, the body will cause excessive accumulation of vitamin D, symptoms of poisoning, such as loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss.


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Article: What foods are rich in vitamin D?


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