What foods advised not to eat more for pregnant women

9 kinds of food that pregnant women advised not to eat more.

1. Canned Food

Canned food in the production process have a certain amount of additives, such as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, but pregnant women, excessive ingestion is bad for your health. In addition, the nutritional value of canned foods is not high, the high temperature process, food, vitamins and other nutrients have been subject to a certain degree of damage.

2. Cold drink

Poor gastrointestinal function after pregnancy, too cold water causes a sudden contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, reduce the secretion of gastric juice, digestive function deteriorates. Fetus is very sensitive to cold stimulation, when pregnant women eat more cold drinks, the fetus will be restless.

3. Spinach

People always think that spinach is rich in iron, with blood function, so be treated as Vegetable prevent anemia During Pregnancy. In fact, not much iron in spinach, but contains large amounts of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can affect zinc, calcium absorption. Pregnant women calcium, zinc content decreased, affecting fetal growth and development.

4. Chocolate and hawthorn

Excessive consumption of chocolate pregnant women will produce satiety, thereby affecting the appetite, the result is the body fat and essential nutrients are lacking. Pregnant women prefer to eat sour things, hawthorn fruit has become the first choice. Hawthorn excitatory effects on the uterus, pregnant women eat too much can make the uterus contract, leading to the possibility of abortion, it is to eat less.

5. Pork liver

Finland and the United States has made ​​a pregnant woman should eat less Pork liver’s advice. Because in a modern livestock feed fatten rapidly, add too much fattening agent, in which high levels of vitamin A, resulting in a large number of its accumulation in the animal liver. Pregnant women eat too much pig liver a lot of vitamin A would be very easy to enter the body, harmful to fetal development, and even teratogenic.

6. Long-term storage of potatoes

Potatoes contain alkaloids, the longer kept by the higher alkaloid content of potatoes. Excessive consumption of such potatoes, can affect the normal development of the fetus, leading to fetal malformations. Of course, people’s individual differences, not everyone will be abnormal after eating, but pregnant women still do not eat as well, especially not to eat long-term storage of potatoes.

7. Hot seasonings

Pregnant women eat hot seasonings (cumin, anise, pepper, cinnamon, spice powder, etc.) easy to consume intestinal water, so that gastrointestinal secretion decreased resulting in intestinal dry constipation. Occurrence of constipation, the solution will be increased when the abdominal pressure, oppression of the fetus within the uterus, could easily lead to fetal irritability, premature birth and other adverse consequences.

8. Fritters

Fritters made ​​when they add a certain amount of alum, and alum is an aluminum-containing compounds, fried fritters, generally use per 500 grams of flour 15 grams of alum, if pregnant women eat two fried fritters, almost ate three grams of alum , volume up and volume of its intake is quite alarming. Aluminum through the placenta into the fetal brain, the brain growth retardation, which increases the incidence of dementia.

9. MSG

Main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, its combination of zinc in the blood after discharge from the urine, excessive intake of MSG will consume a large amount of zinc, lead to deficiency in pregnant women. And fetal growth and development of zinc is essential, so pregnant women should eat less MSG.

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Article: What foods advised not to eat more for pregnant women

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