What food to eat for women antiaging

Woman eating what anti-aging, here are just some of the fruit can be anti-aging

Anti-aging fruit grapefruit

The study surface, grapefruit is rich in citric acid, which is used in skin care products long thing, it helps the dead skin cell metabolism and discharge, making the skin smooth return to the state, to reproduce the young glory.

Anti-aging lemon fruit

Lemon is a nutritious fruit, not only rich in vitamins and other nutrients, but also rich in organic acids and citric acid, which have strong antioxidant effect, can promote skin metabolism, inhibit pigmentation, as well as delay aging, good cosmetic results.

Anti-aging foods are carrots

Carrots can not only moisturize the skin, which is rich in pectin substances, and mercury to better combine to help the body expel this often mixed in with the harmful ingredients in skin care products, and it contains β-carotene, as well as antioxidant and skin whitening effect.

Anti-aging fruit cherries

Cherry juice is whitening share, it can clear spots wrinkles, make your skin become ruddy and tender, it is rich to balance the cortical secretion, slow down the aging of vitamin A, which helps activate cells, beautify the skin.

Apricot fruit aging

Apricot is very rich and varied nutritional minerals, and unsaturated vegetable oils, it has a very good for the skin soft and nourishing effect.

Anti-aging olive fruit

Olive oil we have used it, then you know that olive leaf extract of magic it? It can help skin cells fight against pollution and UV and oxidative stress caused by a variety of oh. In addition to the olive fruit there is another potent antioxidant, is the phenolic compounds, the chemical composition and bitter olive-binding, antioxidant repair can play a dual role.

Pomegranate fruit aging

Pomegranate also has strong antioxidant effect, and it contains an ingredient called ellagic acid, better able to make cells from environmental pollution and hazards of UV rays, in short, often eating pomegranates can trophoblastic , played the role of slowing aging body.

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Article: What food to eat for women antiaging


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