What food to eat can whitening skin for woman

Women skin whitening foods

1, Tomato delay aging
The nutritionists studies have shown that the per person daily consumption of 50 grams – 100 grams of fresh tomatoes, you can meet the needs of several vitamins and minerals.

Tomatoes be eaten raw can supplement vitamin c. Cooked, lycopene and other antioxidants contained in the content will be increased significantly, played to reduce the risk of heart disease and aging effect.

2, Ginger to reduce pigmentation
Ginger is rich in protein, a variety of vitamins, carotenoids, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on. Ginger contains gingerol into the body, there is a strong antioxidant effect, prevent or reduce the deposition of lipofuscin, and prevention of senile plaques. ginger also inhibit cancer cell activity. Drink ginger tea but also the treatment of a mild cold, this is also the British commonly used method.

3, Vinegar to enhance skin vitality
Vinegar ph value of 1.5-2.0, very close to human stomach acid ph value of 1.3-1.8, the regulation of gastrointestinal function. The vinegar’s acidity can accelerate the secretion of saliva, accelerate digestion.

Acetic acid and citric acid is able to penetrate the food has a strong bactericidal ability. Vinegar with high amino acids, to help curb the effects of aging, the prevention of age-related diseases. Wash with vinegar water or bathing, can play a soft skin, enhance the role of skin vitality.
Tips: allergy and low blood pressure caution use.

4, Soybean conditioning estrogen
The main component of soy is a protein, in particular, is a vegetarian source of protein. They contain essential amino acids the human body, repair and regeneration of muscle, skin, hair and nail growth are good.

The British study found that soy contains estrogen plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Daily consumption of 1 cup of milk and 500 grams of fish, and long-term adherence, can play the role of to conditioning estrogen balance.
Tips: once to eat too much bad digestion, and even cause diarrhea.

5, Red Wine
Red wine contains 200 kinds of human beneficial nutrients, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, inorganic salts and other very useful to the human body.

Red wine contains antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-aging and prevention of platelet aggregation, vascular occlusion. Cold hands and feet of women, promote blood circulation with red wine, so that the whole person look awfully. Women with mild anemia, red wine can beautify the skin, the skin becomes elastic.
Tips: a cup a day can be.

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Article: What food to eat can whitening skin for woman

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