What food to eat can help sleep

Because of some unhealthy living habits, the body has a variety of problems. Many people, even many young people, often suffer from insomnia when they are ready to go to bed at night. Can not sleep all night long, seriously affecting the second day of life work, but also to their own body to some harm. Scientific research shows that these foods have a soothing effect on the human body to help sleep.

First, Apple. Apple is rich in pectin, protein, vitamins and potassium, zinc and other trace elements, these substances have a certain sedative effect, but also rich in aromatic components with alcohols and carbonyl compounds, but also on the human Nerve has a strong sedative effect that can prompt people to sleep. So eating an apple a couple of minutes before going to bed can improve people’s quality of sleep.

Second, bananas. Banana contains protein rich in amino acids, there is a good appease the effectiveness of the body tight nerves. In addition, the banana also contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, can effectively prevent blood pressure and muscle spasms and eliminate physical fatigue.

Third, longan. Longan is nourishing brain food, the nervous system of the human body, forgetfulness insomnia, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms have a good effect. It is rich in glucose, sucrose, vitamins and other substances that can nourish the human brain and brain tissue, thereby adjusting the function of the cerebral cortex to improve insomnia symptoms.

Fourth, warm milk. Scientific research shows that milk contains a tryptophan, a certain sedative effect, but also indeed many families will give adolescent children a cup of milk to drink before going to bed, to sleep, and secondly to eliminate fatigue is also very good Effect.

However, it should be noted that people can not consume too much food within an hour before going to bed, because the body also needs to rest when sleeping, and if too much food is consumed, it will easily bring a heavy burden on the human stomach , Triggering a series of digestive diseases.

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Article: What food to eat can help sleep

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