What food to eat benefit on the eyes of children

Good for visual development of food

Eye is an important organ of the human body, eye protection, in addition to usually do not watch TV for a long time, play computer, eye exercises regularly, outside, often eat food beneficial to the eyes, eye protection can also play a big role.

So, what is good for eyes food? Such as lean meat, poultry, animal offal, fish and shrimp, milk, eggs, beans, which contains a wealth of protein, vitamin A, the eyes are very useful. Lack of vitamin A, the eyes diminished ability to adapt to the dark environment, severe night blindness prone; vitamin A can also prevent and treat dry eye disease. The best sources of vitamin A are liver, cod liver oil, milk, eggs and plant foods of various animals such as carrot, amaranth, spinach, leek, green pepper, sweet potato and orange, apricot and persimmon fruits.

Vitamin C is one of the components that make up the eye lens and is good for the eyes. Therefore, it should be in the daily diet, pay attention to intake of foods rich in vitamin C. For example, a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, including green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, cabbage, fresh dates, raw pears, oranges and other content highest.

Rich calcium is also good for the eyes, and calcium has the effect of eliminating eye strain. Such as beans, milk, shrimp calcium content is rich.

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Article: What food to eat benefit on the eyes of children


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